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Decoding the microbiome
to redefine therapeutics

about us

We design and develop complex microbiome-based therapeutics to change the treatment paradigm of severe and chronic diseases.

Bringing together proprietary precision analytics and patient insights, we are building a pipeline of rationally selected microbial communities to achieve indication-specific treatment and address patient heterogeneity. Our goal is to access the gut microbiome’s full immunological and metabolic potential to restore healthy microbial ecosystems and thereby overcome disease.

our approach

The winning move for microbiome therapeutics

Recapitulating the clinical efficacy of fecal transplants by designing complex consortia with superior safety and disease-specific activity.  

mbiomics' propietary technology gives a competitive advantage on critical workstreams for microbiome therapeutics development

Our technological advantage: grounded in science, equipped to deliver

We established a proprietary fluorescence microscopy-based profiling technology (Woehrstein et al., Science Advances, 2017) with a combination of superior precision, sensitivity, taxonomic depth and quantification properties. With our multiplexing panels, we can rapidly and accurately decipher the in vivo microbiome composition of a human sample. These data are critical to better inform the selection of the optimal microbial strains for complex consortia with tailored disease-targeting properties and a superior efficacy and safety profile.


Dr. Laura Figulla
CEO | Co-Founder
Dr. Johannes Wöhrstein
CTO | Co-Founder
Dr. Christopher Weidenmaier

Kristin Torre Vinuesa
CFO | Head of Operations

Marina Santiago
Director of Strategic Projects


Your career at mbiomics

Join us on our mission to develop superior microbiome-based therapeutics! Browse our current open positions or reach out directly via We are excited to get in touch! 

Get in touch

We are constantly seeking strategic collaborations, clinical partnerships and outstanding scientific talent. If you are interested to work with us, to apply our mbiomics analytics technology, or if you have general questions about our microbiome-powered approach, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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